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Let’s Jump Back To 1983

  • By admin
  • March 20, 2020
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I was very fortunate that my first paying day job in this industry placed me right into Studio A at the famous Little Mtn. Studios in Vancouver. I was actually employed by the renowned advertising company GGRP up on the 2nd floor to work in their Library/Dub Room/Tape Vault, a room with a veritable wall of ¼” analog master tapes, all or most recorded in the studios downstairs.

I did two main things there, in the studio I was a fly on the wall, watching legendary talent put their hands and voices to these incredible radio and TV ads they produced there. When mix time came, I would sit at the Studer ¼” 2 track analog recorder at the end of the control room and get ready to record the stereo mix. ‘Record’ is armed, levels are set, here it comes and I’d better not mess it up.  No pressure huh? The take is good, the reel is wound tails out and I take it upstairs to the dub room…

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