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My Journey Towards Mastering

I was very fortunate that my first paying day job in this industry placed me right into Studio A at the famous Little Mtn. Studios in Vancouver. I was actually employed by the renowned advertising company GGRP up on the 2nd floor to work in their Library/Dub Room/Tape Vault, a room with a veritable wall of ¼” analog master tapes, all or most recorded in the studios downstairs.

In the studio I was a fly on the wall, watching legendary talent put their hands and voices to these incredible radio and TV ads they produced there. When mix time came, I would sit at the Studer ¼” 2 track analog recorder at the end of the control room and get ready to record the stereo mix. ‘Record’ is armed, levels are set, here it comes and I’d better not mess it up.  No pressure huh? The take is good, the reel is wound tails out and I take it upstairs to the dub room…

The GGRP Dub Room

As you walked into this room, the left wall and work benches housed a multitude of ¼” open reel recorders (Revox, Ampex and Scully if memory serves me) and audio cassette decks, some basic analog processing gear along with a few patch bays for connecting one device to the other, like an old school telephone switchboard!  Here, we assembled promotional cassettes, market specific, for the sales staff as they shopped for new business. Maybe the target was New Car Sales, so the sales rep would have reviewed the library for similar ads, collected those reels of tape with a list of the various ads they wanted transferred to the cassette tape to give to the new prospect. We did the assembly one cut at a time, making sure the overall sound and loudness were the same basically, and the start and end of each track sounded correct. This task, in this very room became the seed of everything else I would eventually learn.

In The Mastering Studio
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Our Discography
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I highly recommend Bud for any mastering regardless of genre.

“I have done 9 epic orchestral hybrid albums over the past few years, each album mastered by different mastering engineers.  My most recent album ‘World On Fire’ was mastered by Bud Bremner and is the only album out of all 9 that was not colored, changed sonically, or altered in any way from what I had originally created. It was just ‘better’ – that’s it. All of the other albums were changed in one form or the other and not always to my liking. 

Bud stays true to the material he receives; he masters in a very transparent manner and I would not hesitate to recommend Bud for your mastering needs – regardless of genre.”

Dwayne Ford

Composer, Indio, California USA


music store:

Bud’s mastering skills put the final polish on your work

I have used Bud Bremner’s mastering services at Coastal Mastering multiple times and have always been thrilled by the results.

Bud is one of the very few “old school” mastering engineers left in the Metro Vancouver area. He is extremely experienced and passionate about what he does and it shows in his work.

Bud possesses an amazing ear and will highlight any issues with your mix, giving you the opportunity to fix them; having a great mix is paramount to achieving a great master. I find this to be very helpful as not all mastering engineers do this.

You certainly won’t regret hiring Bud to put the final polish on your work and make it the very best final product it can be.

Amanda Dean – Vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer, Vancouver, BC.

Golden Ears and Heart!  

Bud is a consummate professional and possesses a genuinely passionate dedication to the Art of Mastering. Bud continues to go the extra mile by also ensuring his clients are happy and that their expectations will be exceeded. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bud and his “Ears & Heart” to any and all of my network.

Kevin Williams – Sessionwire Communications Inc / Hot Sole Music Inc / Music Mentor Group


I highly recommend Bud’s work!

Working with Bud on my music has been a great experience. His professionalism, expertise, and desire to meet the client’s needs has been very evident. His work has convinced me that whatever music I’d leave in his hands will leave sounding it’s best. I highly recommend Bud’s work!

Reece Enberg

Listen to Reece Enberg Our Song on iTunes…..

A passionate dedication to the Art of Mastering

Bud Bremner from Coastal Mastering is an amazing, talented person!  He did a fabulous mastering on my song Dear Michaels, it’s crisp, clear, I couldn’t have asked for better!!!  He is always happy to push that extra mile, and with a great giving un-attitude!  I would definitely recommend Buds services to anyone wanting top Quality mastering with tons of experience!

Patricia Burnett – Singer/Songwriter Recording Artist

“Dear Michaels” written and performed by Patricia Burnett

Bud quickly identified what was needed during mastering to make the tracks punch and shine.

I first worked with Bud Bremner at Coastal Mastering Studios in the early 2000’s for my ‘Afterglow’ album project.  Produced at Vancouver’s The Factory Studios, ‘Afterglow’ was a radio friendly, analog recorded power pop record. Upon first listen, showing his good ears, Bud quickly identified what was needed during mastering to really make the tracks punch and shine.  The communication was easy during the project and I’ve heard nothing but great reports from Canadian commercial radio stations, and fans about the mastering work and sound of the album ever since.

Jeffrey Morris Website

He has great ears, friendly and always goes the extra mile!”

“I have worked with Bud several times throughout the years! He has great ears, friendly and always goes the extra mile!”

Shawn Meehan – Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist – Me and Mae, Trigger Mafia

I’ve sent a few records to Bud over the last 20 years

“I’ve sent a few records to Bud over the last 20 years.  I remember once he called me in the middle of the night all excited about a break through he made on the mix. Luckily back then we were in the same time zone. I’d kill him if he did that now.”

Vance Dylan – Producer/Engineer


This sounds like a finished product!

I’ve known Bud for nearly 2 decades since he was my teacher and although I am not a mastering engineer, to this day I employ his way of thinking and approaching the tracks when I send my “mastered” songs to my artists.

Their response is always.. “this sounds like a finished product” and lots of times they prefer my masters instead of the pro ones. Bud’s passion and dedication to his craft is contagious and fueled mine for many years to come.

Gabriel Maga – Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist – Bucharest Romania

Great Job on the Ride CD

For those wanting an excellent job of mastering Bud did our First CD Ride by TheBlueVoodoo ,
and that was almost 20 years ago, it still sounds amazing,Thank Bud!

Ted Tosoff Singer/SongWriter Engineer/Producer – TheBlueVoodoo – Mad Symphony

Personable and enthusiastic when working on our project.

Bud was personable and enthusiastic when working on our project. He brought a warmth and clarity to our album that I only fully realized after comparing it to other projects.  He also fixed a few glitches that I didn’t even know were there. Much appreciated!

Dan hare – Singer Songwriter – March Hare Band


Bud has been instrumental in bringing my track to life

Bud has been instrumental in bringing my track – Charu Avenue, to life. The track had a diverse combination of Indian and Western instruments, and it is only Bud’s immense understanding of these instruments which has brought together this fusion of harmonies, and excellent output. I look forward to bringing more such tracks to life with Bud at the mastering helm.

Jolly Mukherjee – renowned Indian Composer, Arranger, and Bollywood Singer

Picked out details for the best possible Mastering solution

“In the late ‘90s, Bud Mastered a release of ours (Red Soda’s :Halo). It was a sloppy mess with a lot to iron out. Right off the bat, he picked out details of how to offer the best possible Mastering solution.  His Golden Ears tied everything together in a tight and natural presence.  He listens to the Client’s needs which is a nice touch. A true seasoned Pro and nice guy too!”

Adriaan Mol – Songwriter/Musician – NY/FL, USA

Worked his magic on a few of my projects over the years!

“So glad to hear Bud is back front & center to the mastering world he ruled for so long. He’s worked his magic on a few of my projects throughout the years and went the extra mile every time. He can take your rawest of ingredients and alchemize them into pure gold so don’t hesitate to get him on board to make your next recording shine.”

Marq Desouza – Singer/Songwiter Recording Artist Vancouver, BC Canada




The hearing”, “the clarity” precision and warmth. 

The measure of Coastal Mastering Studios is in the hearing, the clarity, precision and warmth. What cannot be measured is Bud Bremner’s attentiveness and care for the customer’s needs, or maybe it can.., Listen…

Tom Harrison – Province Music Writer – Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion – Nanaimo, BC Canada

Making our releases sound state of the art!

We have had the pleasure of having Mr. Bud Bremner work as a mastering Engineer on several of our recordings.  We have found Bud to be meticulous in his attention to making our releases sound state of the art.  Bud has proven easy to communicate with and takes initiative under our direction to make our recordings sound first class.  We highly recommend Bud.

R. Harlan Smith – President Royalty Records Inc. – Sherwood Park, AB. Canada

The “final polish” it needed.

I’d like to sincerely thank you.  The time and care you took in mastering made a huge difference to our recording giving it the “final polish” it needed.  Our friends, booking agents, radio DJs, band critics, and record companies are all very impressed by how professional it sounds.  Your mastering has made a crucial difference to our product allowing us to compete with bigger bands.  We would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants a professional master of their work.

Toby Hulse – Retrograde Band – Kelowna, BC. Canada

Invaluable help!

Thanks for your invaluable help in making this little dream come true for me.  Until the next one.

Julie Wilde – Singer/Songwriter/Music Educator – Savannah, GA. US

Wonderful mastering job!

Thank you for the wonderful mastering job you did on our last two projects, Laura Vinson’s “Voice on The Wind” and Mollys Reach’s “High-Fi & Stereo”.  Thanks to your skills as a mastering engineer Laura’s CD sparkles with the brightness of any Nashville Product and Mollys Reach “gets down” and “grunges” with the best of the alternative/pop bands in the business.  Mastering is truly the “icing” on any recording project.  It’s great to find that we have that competitive expertise right here in our own (Canadian) back yard in the talents of Bud Bremner and Coastal Mastering Studios. Homestead Records and Passion Music Group will continue to use your services on all our product.

Barry Allen – Passion records – Homestead Records – Edmonton, AB. Canada

Gratitude and appreciation

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the two mastering sessions you have done for me.  Your ability to hear what needs to be added or subtracted from the sonic equation impressed me during our first session, and at that point I decided to bring subsequent clients into your fold.  I am frequently hired as a Producer on many projects and i would never hesitate to employ your services in the future.

Doug Johnson Music Producer – White Rock, BC. Canada

Great job of mastering!

Bud did a great job of mastering a song for me. I was very impressed at his willingness to get the master sounding the way I wanted to hear it. He is a professional and extremely helpful with all aspects of mastering. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bud as a mastering engineer.

Louis Sedmak Music Productions – Edmonton, AB. Canada

I decided not to master it myself…

“When I finished my first personal recording project in over a decade, I decided that to master it myself was a fools errand, even though I am an award winning mastering engineer myself. When I decided to give the responsibility to someone for this stage of my record, I chose Bud, and am happy to say I am very pleased with the results. And that is saying a lot coming from a person who is never satisfied;-)” you took my tracks and gave them that “finished sound”.

George Leger lll – Utopoia Parkway Music – Las Vegas, Nevada US



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